The Lory Hotel and its restaurant are managed by the Ronchini family and they are able to offer particular care and attention in their cooking by using local products and wholesome recipes that many of their guestes have never tasted before. The following are a "tasting" of some dishes that in the past satisfied the hunger of the people from Rendena valley during difficult times. Now, with the arrival of tourism, these dishes can be enjoyed for their delicious flavour that characterises the hotel's hospitality and the remembrance of the old traditions.

"La strinadina"
A dish consisting of old bread, olve oil, sugar and red wine. This meal served as breakfast for those confronting hard days of work in the mountains.

"La pulenta smaltada"
This particular dish was made in the occasion of the "pesa del latte" - the weighing of the milk. A delicious combination of the noted polenta and fresh ricotta cheese - the poina - of the Rendena pastures.

"Gli omelet"
In the summer, jams are made with forest fruits in preparation for the winter season. During the long winter months, these jams are then spread on omelettes made with fresh eggs, and served with a nice cup of hot milk.